Alfredo Guzman

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts


About Alfredo 

This past year I struggled to try and find a balance between creating work for university and my professional self. It constantly felt as if all the work I was creating was solely outside of the college which eventually began to take a toll on my mental health and made me question if I was actually growing as an artist.


It wasn’t until I sat down to look at all the work I’d done since coming back to England that I realised how truly deep and meaningful everything has been. I’ve been blessed to have friends and professionals believe in me and my work enough that they’d want to have me shoot important segments of their creative lives. Simply put, I’ve been blessed to have the year that I’ve had knowing it all happened in the backdrop of a pandemic with two different lockdowns in between.


I found a few things this past year which I didn’t think I’d find. Considering my past, I don’t know how life delivered when I was certain I was undeserving. Nothing’s perfect, I’m definitely not but for those brief moments of bliss that life gave me, I’ll always be grateful.


This is a little thank you to everyone. 



Mamiya RZ67 (120mm)

Canon ae-1 Program (35mm)