Daniel Jing

MA Digital Media – Image Making

Instructions’ 2021 

‘Instructions’ is a collection of experimental images generated by Jing’s tension about the unstoppable development of the modernization process in his hometown. Inspired by the concept of a utopian plan government that takes over the planet, the artist extended an immersive atmosphere through visual and audio experience and conveyed his perplexed state of mind.

‘Instructions’: the beginning

god’s plan

the process- Taobao bubble dream

in sweet sweet dreams, nobody hurts

‘Instructions’: the end

time to take over

About Daniel

Daniel Jing (he/they) is a visual artist born in Tianjin, China, currently based in London and Shanghai working with films, TV series and other types of videos. After studying in Beijing for his undergraduate degree, Daniel graduated from Communication University of China with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts, a program focusing on different skills of film making, such as storytelling, shooting, editing and etc. Following his undergraduate degree, he had worked for a Chinese established film company for one year to sharpen his skills. Daniel are currently attending Goldsmiths, University of London, in a Master of Arts in Digital Media: Image Making, where he is focusing on digital visual arts and philosophies.


He is always keen on conveying his strong emotions by his works which featured his expressive color schemes and storytelling ability . 


Instagram: @danfrom95