Jiayu Cui

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

[Happy Life 1998]

Do we feel the same happiness as we were children when we go through our family albums?
Do we remember what we like the most as we were children? This work explores my childhood memories, trying to remain the deeper innocent me. As I want to recall the memories, I am focusing on visiting the places where I used to go, even if they are abandoned. I combine the photographs of child-me and the places I took now by using collages. Also, I hand-draw some children illustrations on the works, and all the ideas come from my sketches while I was a child.


About Jiayu

An optimistic and confident student with solid theory and practice in the field of art and design after 6 years of studying experience, who has mastered photography-related computer skills and research skills with great interest in further education in fashion photography.