Miao Qu

MA Digital Media – Critical Computing

This project is an auto-ethnographic journey into the public sphere as a digital individual, exploring a tangled planet, a landscape society where the virtual and the real are entwined, at the scale of the individual.


The project is divided into three phases to explore the relationship between our behaviour in the public sphere and digital technology. The first part, the menu, was created using Arduino and touch vocalisation devices to reveal the impact of algorithms on behavioural decisions and the front end of real scenarios, after using crawler technology to analyse restaurant menu information from Google Maps. The second part, the player. I used conductive materials with Arduino to create a street music compilation, showing the digital migration of behavioural processes in the public domain. In the third part, the covid-19 government policy decisions, public protest, mortality, and memory are audibly restored to the New Crown Memorial Wall in London using conductive ink materials as a way to explore the back-end relationship between the digital world and the real world.

About Miao

Miao Qu used to be a branding and commercialisation practitioner from China. Now he is a term that is difficult to explain.