Tianyuan Hu

MA Photography The image and Electronic Arts


Amorph, a mutated gene without determinable effect, this project explores otherness and alienation, and the disintegration of mundanities, which are drawn from my life archive and observation during the lockdown. The work attempts to question those taken-for-granted identity types and social categories, I aware that nomadism and discontinuities lurk in our daily life, thus I want to depict those unsystematic moments when linguistic structure fails and language loses its anchor, identities and perceptions haven’t been theorized into any definitive criteria.

By depicting these unsettling scenes and human figures, I’m simultaneously questioning, confronting or staging my identities and alienations. I always see myself as a self-revolting vortex, spying on a world where people are unhinged, dissolving and swirling into tunnels and gyres. 

This project meditate upon the liminal space between tangible and intangible presences, the elusive intersection between different state of beings; the ramshackle threshold; the “Becoming-X?”

Haunting between the lucid and the lunatic, I seek to map out these uncanny scenes that are spinning off-axis, tapping into an eccentric liquid reality.

About Tianyuan

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