Wei Wang

MA Photography The image and Electronic Arts

Here I present two pieces of works which explores the concept of eros and identity in different ways. 

One is inspired by the common belief of “Guanyin” or Avalokitesvara Buddha. And in Plato’s Symposium, Aristophanes has a speech regard to eros, and he mentioned male and female are in a state of a whole when they appeared. Influenced by Zen and Buddhism, this pair of images tries to reveal the male rule which lays deep in female body and the female rule which lays in male body and to reconsider how the relationship between male rule and female rule could influence individuals to perceive life and to discover self-identity in contemporary society.

Another one is a collage of plants and female body’s images. This collage tries to reveal the force of life in nature form. And through the sense or perception of human, through touch, eye and ear, the human identity seems to have a interweave of the nature’s creature. 

For the plants, it is made to be a hermaphrodite, it contains female rule and male rule together. The female rule is a force which gives birth to life and birth to new concept. For a contemporary identity’s reconstruction, an individual could find the different force or consciousness within female rule or male rule. To me, the eros is a interweave or a flow like Yin Yang of two forces, two rules.

About Wei
Wei Wang is an artist who currently work on photography as well as video making, installation and visual arts. I am also a student from MA photography: the image and electronic arts in Goldsmiths. The themes of my art practice are related to myths, ancient culture of China, reconstruction of contemporary identity and so on.