Yiran Wang

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

Animals or not in the zoo

This project is a discussion about the identity of animals in the zoo. Are they as landscapes? Or as sculptures? Or as living animals? Is there an answer in their eyes?

About Yiran
Yiran Wang is from China, and she is studying MA photography: the image and electronic arts in Goldsmiths. She cares about personal experience and the sustainability of life. Her main researches are graphic images and photographic images. The works are based on fine art and tend to observe and experiment.

Personal website: https://cutenoodles.wixsite.com/yiran

Peng Tian

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts


There is a dualistic relationship in many film and television works, and this kind of strong dramatic conflict has made me ponder. The work uses moving images to show a constant change of objects that oppose each other in binary opposition. Red and blue respectively represent the opposition between thought and matter. With the intervention of green and more colors, the object has changed, forming a different binary opposition relationship.
About Peng Tian

Peng Tian is an image-maker born in China, he works with still images, moving images, new media. Graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. He is currently studying MA Photography at Goldsmiths.

Qingyu Luo

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

My work is about the connection between the inner and outer space and the self, it is an exploration of the present state of myself. I was inspired by AI recognition technology that made me curious about how people recognize themselves. This work is part of a long-term project where I am exploring the self through the space around me, the environment, objects and my body parts.

The connection between myself and space is better felt in self-photography using digital and film cameras. For me, this time is wired, quiet and there is adequate time to observe myself. I blur my identity by marginalizing myself throughout the space, covering my face and body, turning the physical part of myself into a symbol. As a tag to constantly reinforce my identity and explore the border between self and non-self.


I believe that I am fluidable. In this space, I will eventually leave and my presence will disappear. I preserve my fragile existence by recording my spaces and objects.

About Qingyu

Qingyu Luo is a photographer currently studying MA photography: the image and electronic arts at goldsmiths. She does not limit herself to one medium, style, or concept. This project involves exploring the identity of the individual and the understanding of space.

Jiaqi Wang

MA Digital Media – Image Making


Product Analysis

About Jiaqi
My work is a Digital Service Design Conception. The product name of this project is Ray.
When the Internet of Things technology may become the dominant technology, people and devices constitute a new environment in what humans living. Scholars in various fields always debate the pros and cons of technology development. We can’t stop the development of technology. However, the responsibility of design is to do our best to add more humanistic care on the way forward.

As a virtual AI assistant, Ray is an anthropomorphic tool that enables people to maintain positive energy in the living environment of the Internet of Things. Ray’s purpose is to solve users’ problems and accompany users in their lives.

Tianyuan Hu

MA Photography The image and Electronic Arts


Amorph, a mutated gene without determinable effect, this project explores otherness and alienation, and the disintegration of mundanities, which are drawn from my life archive and observation during the lockdown. The work attempts to question those taken-for-granted identity types and social categories, I aware that nomadism and discontinuities lurk in our daily life, thus I want to depict those unsystematic moments when linguistic structure fails and language loses its anchor, identities and perceptions haven’t been theorized into any definitive criteria.

By depicting these unsettling scenes and human figures, I’m simultaneously questioning, confronting or staging my identities and alienations. I always see myself as a self-revolting vortex, spying on a world where people are unhinged, dissolving and swirling into tunnels and gyres. 

This project meditate upon the liminal space between tangible and intangible presences, the elusive intersection between different state of beings; the ramshackle threshold; the “Becoming-X?”

Haunting between the lucid and the lunatic, I seek to map out these uncanny scenes that are spinning off-axis, tapping into an eccentric liquid reality.

About Tianyuan

Website: http://www.tianyuan.online

Wei Wang

MA Photography The image and Electronic Arts

Here I present two pieces of works which explores the concept of eros and identity in different ways. 

One is inspired by the common belief of “Guanyin” or Avalokitesvara Buddha. And in Plato’s Symposium, Aristophanes has a speech regard to eros, and he mentioned male and female are in a state of a whole when they appeared. Influenced by Zen and Buddhism, this pair of images tries to reveal the male rule which lays deep in female body and the female rule which lays in male body and to reconsider how the relationship between male rule and female rule could influence individuals to perceive life and to discover self-identity in contemporary society.

Another one is a collage of plants and female body’s images. This collage tries to reveal the force of life in nature form. And through the sense or perception of human, through touch, eye and ear, the human identity seems to have a interweave of the nature’s creature. 

For the plants, it is made to be a hermaphrodite, it contains female rule and male rule together. The female rule is a force which gives birth to life and birth to new concept. For a contemporary identity’s reconstruction, an individual could find the different force or consciousness within female rule or male rule. To me, the eros is a interweave or a flow like Yin Yang of two forces, two rules.

About Wei
Wei Wang is an artist who currently work on photography as well as video making, installation and visual arts. I am also a student from MA photography: the image and electronic arts in Goldsmiths. The themes of my art practice are related to myths, ancient culture of China, reconstruction of contemporary identity and so on. 

Ke Tao

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

In this series, I combined everyday objects and my childhood memory together in order to convey a sense of memory and absence in the past. Each pair of image I created is simultaneously an extension from the past serve as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of memory and emotions—an unstable and profoundly unreliable process, as fragile as bubbles as complicated and garbled as tangles of wool.


About Ke Tao

Ke Tao, a photographer primarily working in the fashion industry and currently studying MA Photography at Goldsmiths. She uses photography as a means of self-expression – to identify with hidden qualities of her character, to observe the emotional expression, and to express her interpretation of the world.


Yuelin Yang

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

Many people lost loved ones during the pandemic.

Humankind is really limited.

In great grief, I took these images, trying to ask some questions about death, about memories.

About Yuelin

As a still image maker, I am focusing on the potentials of still images as visual language or psychological symbols, to explore different perspectives of humanity from my personal view.

Mobula Yu Yuan

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

A DSLR camera sitting between two mirrors, and a series of still/moving images generated by it when the photographer operates the process.

About Mobula

Mobula is a camp homo sapien digging through the posthuman theories, the Sci-fi horror and the poor images.

As currently a multidisciplinary image creator based in London, they interpret the visual culture of the contemporary urban life, especially the screen culture, with the discarded ambience. 


They already explored certain topics using photography, moving images, handmade artifacts and interactive installation, such as the common visual and conceptual characteristics of AI and religions, also the regular process of multiple replacements between the reality, memories and photos.  


After graduated from MA Photography: The Image and Electronic Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London, they’ll continually take snapshots of the rubbish on the streets.

Instagram: @muybienmo

Email: mobulayu@gmail.com