Yijia Luo

MA Digital Media - Image Making

Hear your colour, 2021

The design purpose of HEAR YOUR COLOUR is to build connections between people and their senses. Since most of us lost connection with the world in some way during the last 6 months due to Covid-19, rebuilding the connection is very important (not only between senses but also between people).

The project is based on the theory of synesthesia. In synesthesia, the relationship between two or more senses is conjoined: a colour may have a particular smell, musical intervals may each have a specific taste, or letters or days of the week may have a corresponding colour. While syn-esthesia can take many forms, there are thousands of instances where individuals “hear” colour, that is, they may see a specific piece of music or a chord or scale as being blue or green. 

HEAR YOUR COLOUR focuses on the conjunction between vision and hearing. When clicking on the screen, the user will see the colour of the clicked area and hear a note. After three users all clicking on the screen, everyone will get a note and a triad will be played at that time.




About Yijia

Yijia Luo is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in digital media and user experience design. Prior to starting her Masters, she worked as a UX designer at Beijing and Shanghai, where she gained valuable product development experience through bringing two yet accessible digital products into the market. She is also participating in the SJEC (Shanghai Jinmei Elderly Care), which is a NGO in Shanghai as a volunteer, focusing on helping the community has a better knowledge of Alzheimer’s Disease and helping people with AD live with dignity.


Her unique interdisciplinary (People’s daily online and Rockbund Art Museum) and cross-functional (Program Director and Media Designer) background has amplified her sense of empathy, resulting in a better understanding of a wider pool of users, enabling her to approach product ideas with an open-mind and to collaborate with a diverse set of people. 


She enjoys exploring the relationship between senses (especially between vision and hearing) and believes that designers should shape the way people interact with each other and with the environment, bringing positive impact to society.


Yiling Hu

MA Digital Media - Image Making

This is a piece of sponsored Deleuze Cat Food commercial. Each team member who together create this commercial was paid with ten tons of Deleuze Cat Food, a brand that really exists. The shipping was door-to-door.


Try it yourself: https://juuppy.itch.io/deleuze_cat_food


About Yiling

Yiling Hu is working on this project. She enjoys the becoming of a game artist who can’t draw. 

Peter Friend

MA Digital Media - Image Making

About Peter

Peter Friend is a Croydon-based digital artist with a wide range of experience, in visual communications specialising in film and motion graphics. His contemporary art and research investigate what he likes to call Media Lobotomy, examining the life of electronics salvaging useful or considered obsolete reusing in his practice.




Peren Su İnan

MA Digital Media - Image Making


To be aware of the deep connections around us, first we need to reconnect with ourselves. This project is the first step of the journey, it is a remember that our body, mind and soul are one. None of us are “pure” and that change is the only constant. Constantly evolving digital technologies mean the realities around us are changing exponentially. If we are not self-aware, we will not be able to see what is real. This is a call to everyone to find the reality in order to feel unstoppable and strong: herself. Not here, not anywhere else but in you.

About Peren

Peren Su Inan is currently studying for a MA in Digital Media Image Making at Goldsmiths. Her will to creating images, started with her passion of photography. She is from Turkey, and she has been interested in art since she was a child. She opened her first photography solo exhibition at 14. She also works in video, illustration, painting and sculpture. Some of the themes she often explores are related to nature, spiritualism and energy.

Lucy Mudel

MA Digital Media – Image Making

biomorphic syntheses

biomorphic syntheses is created as a collaboration between the human image maker and machine learning image synthesis programs by training generative adversarial networks, including both styleGAN and artGAN. Renderings from these models are then used as assets in animation, reviving inanimate form to bring the appearance of life.


The project’s intention is to provoke a dialogue on how image makers can use digital programs as tools to enhance their artistic practice; as well as intending to illuminate the necessity of the creator’s input to generate the models themselves and new imagery.  At the beginning of the animation, one can see the actual visual outputs of the first steps of the artGAN learning what “surrealism” looks like. This work focuses on the idea of questioning organic design, concepts of novel being, animism, and interconnectedness of carbon systems in the forest mycorrhizal network as well as the digital network. This work creates a dialogue on carbon and pixel transfer, in both an environmental sense, data storage, and archiving.


This work is presented in a square format as both the styleGAN and artGAN output new images from transferred pixels of the inputted datasets using vector based square ratios. Deep learning systems also require a large amount of storage, subsequently requiring a great deal of energy. Presently this work has collectively required approximately 15 GB of storage. While it is difficult to measure the environmental impact of small scale deep learning models, training a single deep learning model can emit thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions.

About Lucy Mudel

Lucy is a multidisciplinary artist working in photography, animation, film, painting, metals and sound. Some of the themes her work often explores relate to mental states, surrealism, psychology, nature, folklore and mysticism. Lucy graduated with a bachelor’s of science in Psychology, with particular focus on mental health, perception, wildlife conservation, virtual reality, as well as human and nonhuman behavior.


Personal website 


Jiaqi Wang

MA Digital Media – Image Making


Product Analysis

About Jiaqi
My work is a Digital Service Design Conception. The product name of this project is Ray.
When the Internet of Things technology may become the dominant technology, people and devices constitute a new environment in what humans living. Scholars in various fields always debate the pros and cons of technology development. We can’t stop the development of technology. However, the responsibility of design is to do our best to add more humanistic care on the way forward.

As a virtual AI assistant, Ray is an anthropomorphic tool that enables people to maintain positive energy in the living environment of the Internet of Things. Ray’s purpose is to solve users’ problems and accompany users in their lives.

Siyu Guo

MA Digital Media – Image Making

For many years, depression has plagued hundreds of people. In recent years, it has occurred more frequently in young people. Although depression has become well-known, people’s attitudes toward depression are not correct. “You are just in a bad mood; you just don’t sleep well.” This kind of response always appears, but this is not the right attitude to treat patients with depression. Doing so can even lead to bad consequences.


Therefore, this work uses the form of VR to simulate the inner world of depression patients, so that people can experience the real feelings of depression patients first hand.

About Siyu

SIYU GUO, born in Beijing, China. Currently studying MA Digital Media image-making at Goldsmiths. He works with still images, MG animation, virtual reality.