Fengrui Zhen

MA Digital Media – Image Making

The Portrait of Digital Labour


This project focuses on the internet surveillance in China. The purpose of this project is to raise people’s awareness about surveillance, exploitation, and security of personal data, shortage of relevant regulations and excessive behaviour of those internet companies. This project collects a large amount of users’ data from Weibo which is the largest social media platform in China. All the data used in this project is public, including users’ personal information, daily posts, photos, etc., and can be accessed by anyone from Weibo. 


If you are NOT willing to get involved in this project, please contact Geoffrey.frzhen@gmail.com to delete and to prevent adding your data from the database. Also, if you think you are a digital labour and would like to take part in this project, please contact the email above as well.


About Fengrui
Fengrui Zhen is a photographer born in China, currently based in London, England, and completing his MA degree in Digital Media at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2021. After several years of exploring the field of photography, he now focuses on digital generative art and the relationship between culture, society, politics, and people.

Elisa Mazzuca

MA Digital Media - Image Making


Poiesis is a project exploring the deep connection between music and visual communication. Music surrounds us and accompanies us in a lot of different ways every day, yet album covers seem to be an underrated part of musical products. Designing the artwork for an album cover is a delicate and complex process that is often forgotten or neglected.

Poiesis offers a new way of analyzing and creating album art, merging different practices such as graphic design, animation and machine learning. It is a project that aims to improve and help both the design and the music industry.

The word Poiesis itself comes from ancient greek and its meaning is to generate something new that didn’t exist before. Through the fusion of different album art archives, the core of the project is composed by an artificial intelligence trained to produce different kinds of pictures.

The project is hosted on a website that allows users to complete a form selecting musical genre and mood. The machine elaboates the answers and generates a new album art every time.

Try it yourself and give your albums new unique covers! http://poiesisproject.com/

About Elisa

Elisa Mazzuca is an Italian creative currently based in London, UK, where she is completing her master in Digital Media. Graduated from Florence in Graphic Design, Elisa works with a wide ran- ge of mediums, often merging graphic design, photography, illustration and animation. Her criti- cal research is focused on the impact of visual communication on different aspects of daily life.


Website: https://elisamazzuca.net/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/___elisart/

Daniel Jing

MA Digital Media – Image Making

Instructions’ 2021 

‘Instructions’ is a collection of experimental images generated by Jing’s tension about the unstoppable development of the modernization process in his hometown. Inspired by the concept of a utopian plan government that takes over the planet, the artist extended an immersive atmosphere through visual and audio experience and conveyed his perplexed state of mind.

‘Instructions’: the beginning

god’s plan

the process- Taobao bubble dream

in sweet sweet dreams, nobody hurts

‘Instructions’: the end

time to take over

About Daniel

Daniel Jing (he/they) is a visual artist born in Tianjin, China, currently based in London and Shanghai working with films, TV series and other types of videos. After studying in Beijing for his undergraduate degree, Daniel graduated from Communication University of China with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts, a program focusing on different skills of film making, such as storytelling, shooting, editing and etc. Following his undergraduate degree, he had worked for a Chinese established film company for one year to sharpen his skills. Daniel are currently attending Goldsmiths, University of London, in a Master of Arts in Digital Media: Image Making, where he is focusing on digital visual arts and philosophies.


He is always keen on conveying his strong emotions by his works which featured his expressive color schemes and storytelling ability . 


Instagram: @danfrom95

Carol Velez Ortiz

MA Digital Media – Image Making

Ally Here

"You just wish someone knew, but you don't want to tell them".

Carol’s work explores how through the use of technology and human reliability interaction can be better applied and how both can work together for good. She looks to find alternatives to break the stigma in mental health, and so start conversations to help those suffering from distress and mental illness, especially young people.


In her website, she wants to find the simplicity to breach the gap in the lack of conversations when the individual is not able to express how they are or feel. The website is used as a tool, as a translator of emotions. Those who use it can find a way to convey a message to find support in their allies, and those who receive the message are able to start a conversation or help in the best way possible.


Ally Here emphasizes the importance of engaging humans and non-human apparatus to improve relationships and to act as a bridge between people crossing paths to hold hands, metaphorically.

About Carol Velez

Carol Velez is a digital media practitioner studying a MA in Digital Media, throughout these years she has developed multi-disciplinary skills from independent films to new media installations, like in the Quintessence a 3D mapping projection. Her career has led her to a new way of communicating with technology, to reach people innovatively and creatively.

Her work experience has also helped her to focus on issues that affect society and how through technology and online platforms you can make a difference. Which is her main idea to learn and use these tools to challenge and make a positive change in our society.

Instagram/ Linkedin: Caroldvelez