Hay Tung Yan

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts


Nature is always an inseparable part of the Earth. It has been called the Mother Nature for a
long time in history. Leaf is one of the precious gifts given by the Mother Nature. They never
miss a year to carry on the cycle of death and rebirth, as every single life living in the planet
Earth do. How can we capture the beauty of trillions of leaves in a very limited time?
My creative works focus on using faux liquid emulsion technique to capture different

 forms of the leaves. I have made these image by transferring a slim film which hold the printing 

of leaves into water colour paper.


The body of work was inspired by the concept of fading and decay as a destiny of our life.
We always try hard to keep something we must have lost but is meaningful in our control.
Once the leaves fall down from the trees or plants, they gradually become dry and dull.
Water and nutrition leave them, vivid green colour no longer exist.
This would be the most fascinating moment of the leaves.

About Hay Tung Yan

Hay Tung Yan is a Hong Kong artist based in London, England. After finishing her
photography degree in Hong Kong, she started her master degree in Goldsmiths, University
of London. As an artist, she works in photography, media production and music.

Xu Qin

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

fiction love

About the project

Calvino’s three novels are combined into a collection “Our Ancestors“. This project is inspired by one of Italo Calvino’s novels, The Baron in the Trees. Although the project wants to discuss the present and possible near future, but every second in the past are history.


The inspiration for the project comes from this novel, which is a fairy tale, a teenager who could not bear the worldly relationships and social interactions, left society and chose to live in the trees. And his love is separated by space, he is on the tree, and she is under the tree. (Cosimo and Violante)


If before this, I only occasionally read some people share their love or sex stories online, I think in the past and a half year, social distancing and all kinds of isolation have brought new changes to the intimate relationship between people with the help of the Internet.


Sometimes, I have a feeling that may be an illusion. Many people in the world are dened as single in the traditional sense. But it seems dicult for me to describe it more clearly. In my view, they have Un-real or online lovers. In terms of their own experience, they are actually in love or marriage. My feeling that may be an illusion makes me believe this would be a more common thing, and the intimate relationship of some people will be somewhat dierent from now. Like we say now that your lover is Pete? Or the Obi-Wan online?

About Xu Qin

Xu Qin is a Chinese artist who focuses on the narrative exploration of various current themes, and also is interested in the development and display of visual works. His works mainly cover his personal interests in the past, present and future, and he usually uses different media such as film, photography, installation and painting. He has recently started a new project, contemporary and concrete work on a certain intimacy mentioned in a novel by Itano Calvino. The concept from the novel is a mixture of personal observations of the present and explorations of the near future. This project is currently developing mainly in the form of photography.

Mobula Yu Yuan

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

A DSLR camera sitting between two mirrors, and a series of still/moving images generated by it when the photographer operates the process.

About Mobula

Mobula is a camp homo sapien digging through the posthuman theories, the Sci-fi horror and the poor images.

As currently a multidisciplinary image creator based in London, they interpret the visual culture of the contemporary urban life, especially the screen culture, with the discarded ambience. 


They already explored certain topics using photography, moving images, handmade artifacts and interactive installation, such as the common visual and conceptual characteristics of AI and religions, also the regular process of multiple replacements between the reality, memories and photos.  


After graduated from MA Photography: The Image and Electronic Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London, they’ll continually take snapshots of the rubbish on the streets.

Instagram: @muybienmo

Email: mobulayu@gmail.com

Emily Yo

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

Comeontreetrees, 2021

Emily’s research and visual approach keen on the trees on the street, between survival and artificial trees of investigation on photography. Emily explores the relationship with the people who live around their garden- trees, flowers, and topiary-and about where she goes and what she’s looking for in her personal views. Emily likes people and objects with tales to be told and backgrounds she can get a glimpse of. She would like to create a lovely way of living in the present. Moreover, Her MA at Goldsmith’s studies led her to understand those stories behind images. She involves the thinking process of image-making. Her aim in these images is to discover artificial, artistic trees. How people shape/maintains their trees in the yard. The two neighbors compete with each other. On the other hand, she has been discovering how the trees are in different areas, and species survive in different seasons. She has been looking for the same trees in different seasons. These experiences made her feel like she is a part of these trees’ life, in the meantime, such as parents looking at their children.

About Emily

Since 2020 pandemic has been beginning. She has been thinking about what is essential things for her to approach and where she could go. Nowadays, all these things can be experienced virtually, meet up with family, friends, and pets. She has been trying to be creative; She read, watches movies, and draws a little. These things help her to stay home. 


In her works- comeontreetrees, which is the ongoing works of her studying MA photography. This series of works has taken over the past 40 weeks. It explores curiosity, streets and cultures, and how the trees communicate within the walls of the houses on the streets. These experiences have dug deeper into the trees every day, but she also realized that freed from the constraint of lockdown restriction. These trees are her lovely company. They have been through the fall, winter, spring, and now it is summer. She is looking at them as friends.

Maksymilian Hryniewicki

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts


The photographs and quotes from the interviews invite the viewer to the vibrant world of London allotments. This unusual green urban paradise is just a pretext for a discussion on mental health, ecology, politics, food, urbanization, searching for sense, and ways to rebuild a healthy relationship with the planet earth. Welcome to the Eden not yet lost.

Rita Guo Cheng

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

The Look(ing) Of Time:

A timespace-image ensemble

Video Installation: timespace-image 02

Video Installation: timespace-image 01

*This video contains dialogues

About this artwork 


This ensemble of the moving and still images invites the spectators to look, reflect on and experience different types of duration. The work intends to grasp the human and emotional connection through these durations; it also contemplates the temporal-spatial-image relationship exhibited via multiple telecommunicated surfaces.


With 2 years not being able to see each other in person due to Covid-19, the artist’s initial attempt was simply creating “covid portraits” of her parents via video chat with a Large Format analogue camera. In the process the artist was fascinated and sadly agonised by the still and moving images of the parents on various surfaces (print/digital), and how these digitised or mediated images are related to the “image” of them in the artist’s mind (or memories)? How do we experience and confront “surfaced” images from now and the past situated in a certain kind of temporal-spatial scenario/duration?  


The work here was produced and reproduced by multiple photographic apparatus and techniques – Large and Medium Format cameras, instant analogue photography (Polaroid), screenshots, darkroom printing etc…The process and the results prove to be somewhat a futile effort trying to break through the limitations of the surface-space and time. 


We are, at the same time, infinitely close and apart.

About Rita 

Rita (CHENG Guo), sometimes known as Neo Chugg the Photographer, is an daytime translator and all time image maker. She mainly works with analogue photography and moving images. Rita currently lives and works in London. 

You may have a glimpse fof her visual mindscape via Instagram (admittedly not the best channel) for now.

Her website will be live in the very near future:


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