Fengrui Zhen

MA Digital Media – Image Making

The Portrait of Digital Labour


This project focuses on the internet surveillance in China. The purpose of this project is to raise people’s awareness about surveillance, exploitation, and security of personal data, shortage of relevant regulations and excessive behaviour of those internet companies. This project collects a large amount of users’ data from Weibo which is the largest social media platform in China. All the data used in this project is public, including users’ personal information, daily posts, photos, etc., and can be accessed by anyone from Weibo. 


If you are NOT willing to get involved in this project, please contact Geoffrey.frzhen@gmail.com to delete and to prevent adding your data from the database. Also, if you think you are a digital labour and would like to take part in this project, please contact the email above as well.


About Fengrui
Fengrui Zhen is a photographer born in China, currently based in London, England, and completing his MA degree in Digital Media at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2021. After several years of exploring the field of photography, he now focuses on digital generative art and the relationship between culture, society, politics, and people.