Mobula Yu Yuan

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

A DSLR camera sitting between two mirrors, and a series of still/moving images generated by it when the photographer operates the process.

About Mobula

Mobula is a camp homo sapien digging through the posthuman theories, the Sci-fi horror and the poor images.

As currently a multidisciplinary image creator based in London, they interpret the visual culture of the contemporary urban life, especially the screen culture, with the discarded ambience. 


They already explored certain topics using photography, moving images, handmade artifacts and interactive installation, such as the common visual and conceptual characteristics of AI and religions, also the regular process of multiple replacements between the reality, memories and photos.  


After graduated from MA Photography: The Image and Electronic Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London, they’ll continually take snapshots of the rubbish on the streets.

Instagram: @muybienmo