Qingyu Luo

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

My work is about the connection between the inner and outer space and the self, it is an exploration of the present state of myself. I was inspired by AI recognition technology that made me curious about how people recognize themselves. This work is part of a long-term project where I am exploring the self through the space around me, the environment, objects and my body parts.

The connection between myself and space is better felt in self-photography using digital and film cameras. For me, this time is wired, quiet and there is adequate time to observe myself. I blur my identity by marginalizing myself throughout the space, covering my face and body, turning the physical part of myself into a symbol. As a tag to constantly reinforce my identity and explore the border between self and non-self.


I believe that I am fluidable. In this space, I will eventually leave and my presence will disappear. I preserve my fragile existence by recording my spaces and objects.

About Qingyu

Qingyu Luo is a photographer currently studying MA photography: the image and electronic arts at goldsmiths. She does not limit herself to one medium, style, or concept. This project involves exploring the identity of the individual and the understanding of space.

Ke Tao

MA Photography The Image & Electronic Arts

In this series, I combined everyday objects and my childhood memory together in order to convey a sense of memory and absence in the past. Each pair of image I created is simultaneously an extension from the past serve as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of memory and emotions—an unstable and profoundly unreliable process, as fragile as bubbles as complicated and garbled as tangles of wool.


About Ke Tao

Ke Tao, a photographer primarily working in the fashion industry and currently studying MA Photography at Goldsmiths. She uses photography as a means of self-expression – to identify with hidden qualities of her character, to observe the emotional expression, and to express her interpretation of the world.