Alexandra Olympia Peristeraki

MA Digital Media - Critical Computing

Is there any internet left out there? 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the web extends outside the highly controlled curated cyber mall we live in. Is it possible to create independent digital communities without the interference of the Big Tech?

This project attempts to explore the vastness of the independent world wide web by creating a personal website with the simplest HTML. The website acts as a cyber maze and the visitor is invited to follow hyperlink paths that lead deeper into the website or deeper into the web. There is no right or wrong turn, the visitor is free to wander off the boundaries of the website and set their own path into the world wide web, depending on which hyperlink they follow. 

The website acts as a reflection on Alexandra’s relationship with her laptop and her digital self. She uses memes, hyperlinks to her favorite pages, personal images, texts, and scanned hardware parts.

Hardware is the only physical connection to her digital image. In her pursuit to understand better the digital, she breaks apart old laptops, hard drives, cd drivers and she uses the parts to create a deconstructed version of a Personal Computer. 

The visitors are invited to navigate the website on a naked repurposed PC and imagine how the digital world could look like if everyone escaped the boundaries of GAFAM.

About Alexandra

Alexandra Olympia Peristeraki was born in Athens, Greece. She is a video editor,  a copywriter and an art director. Currently she is exploring the digital and how it has affected the world politically and socially through a queer, feminist and working-class point-of-view.